A new, fresh product, suitable for daily consumption by adults and children alike

a totally natural fruit centre enclosed in white chocolate

and covered with natural fruit powder.

Deli.Fruttini, simply Delicious!!!!

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Small, classic or coffee flavoured truffles,

 also available in a new white “cremino” and vanilla version,

all wrapped in a soft cloud of cocoa.

Simply irresistible…

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Chocolate Bar

The best chocolate is combined with unique tastes

to create new and unexpected blends in line with the latest trends in taste.

The white chocolate bar caramel and liquorice and the milk chocolate bar 36% matcha tea

winners of the International Chocolate Awards 2020.


2-in-1 Maxi Chocolate Bars

A dark chocolate and a milk chocolate bar,

either with nuts or crunchy biscuit

to suit every taste!


Dragèes flip-top

Nine new dragées

with different tastes

to try in the practical package with flip-top cap.

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Single origin pralines

Single origin dark pralines Madagascar 65%, Brazil 70%, Equador 80%:

 tasting these pralines means undertake a journey

through the excellence of the world cocoa.

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The most popular cocktails in the world

join the best chocolate to create irresistible pralines with

Gin Tonic, Negroni and Mojito filling.



5 different chocolates

hold and enclose 5 soft fillings,

creating small masterpieces of pure taste.



20 handmade pralines with soft filling,

dark chocolate chopsticks,

wasabi dragées.



A shell of dark or milk chocolate encloses a soft, tasty filling,

all to savour and to discover the 10 irresistible gourmet combinations.

Handmade in Italy with the best ingredients,

Cioccolato Gourmet pralines are little masterpieces of pure taste.

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32 handcrafted pralines with soft filling,

unique and precious diamonds

made with 4 very refined chocolates.

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Christmas chocolates

Dark chocolate, dark chocolate with ginger, milk chocolate,

milk chocolate with orange and cinnamom,

to share sweetly the flavours, smells and atmospheres of Christmas time.

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Artisanal panettone made with sourdough

with chocolate and orange, single origin dark chocolate from São Tomé or brownie,

to celebrate excellence this Christmas.

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Easter Eggs

Each marbled egg is a unique piece,

handcrafted and combined with the best cocoa beans.

With the Ruby chocolate, Easter is tinged with pink!

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Handmade Colomba

Our handmade Colombas made from natural sourdough come in two flavours:

ruby chocolate with strawberry,

and single-origin São Tomé dark chocolate.

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