Italian Product of the Year 2019!

The Gourmet Chocolate tablets have been chosen Product of the Year, the Innovation Award based exclusively on the consumer vote.

The “Cioccolato Gourmet” chocolate bars are made from the finest natural ingredients, combined in an innovative method to create high qualityhealthy products in all the trendiest flavours.

The encounter of premium ingredients gives life to new and exciting sensory contrasts: turmeric blends with quinoa in healthy dark chocolate; caramel blends with liquorice, for an ultra-delicious twist; mint and lime come together, for a dash of zesty freshness; ruby chocolate meets passion fruit and pomegranate, for an irresistibly innovative flavour.

These are just some of the Cioccolato Gourmet chocolate bars voted PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019!!

Cioccolato Gourmet chocolate bars, mouth-watering sensory contrasts!

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