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A new, fresh product, suitable for daily consumption by adults and children alike

a totally natural fruit centre enclosed in white chocolate

and covered with natural fruit powder.

Deli.Fruttini, simply Delicious!!!!

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Chocolate Bar

The best chocolate combined with berries, orange, banana, lime,

ginger, caramel, quinoa, turmeric, mint and liquorice,

to create new and unexpected blends in line with the latest trends in taste.


2-in-1 Maxi Chocolate Bars

A dark chocolate and a milk chocolate bar,

either with nuts or crunchy biscuit

to suit every taste!



The exotic sweetness of coconut,

the warm aroma of coffee beans and the delicate spiciness of ginger,

covered in dark chocolate make the dragées irresistible

to eat on your own or among friends.

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Chocolate on a Stick

A fun, new way of enjoying chocolate,

just like an ice lolly: on a stick!

Once tasted, you just can’t stop!



A shell of dark or milk chocolate encloses a soft, tasty filling,

all to savour and to discover the 10 irresistible gourmet combinations.

Handmade in Italy with the best ingredients,

Cioccolato Gourmet pralines are little masterpieces of pure taste.

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