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Project Description

Dragèes flip-top

PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont and Goji berries coated with dark chocolate, candied orange peel coated with dark cinnamon-flavoured chocolate, and peanuts dipped in white caramel chocolate: 4 new dragèes in a practical pack with a flip-top cap!
The production is completely handmade, from the processing of the ingredients to the polishing, only made with natural methods based on air, without using shellac, gum arabic or beeswax.
The handy 180 gm plastic (PET) jars are perfect for tasting, offering and preserving them in all their freshness and totally recyclable.
Each Cioccolato Gourmet dragée is handmade, unique and different as you are.

Piedmont hazelnut


Piedmont hazelnut covered in 66% dark chocolate.

180 g – 6.35 oz

Goji berry


Goji berries dipped in 55% dark chocolate.

180 g – 6.35 oz

Orange and cinnamon


Candied orange peel dipped in 55% dark chocolate and cinnamon and cocoa powder.

180 g – 6.35 oz

Peanuts and caramel


Peanuts dipped in white chocolate with caramel.

180 g – 6.35 oz


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