Think Pink with Cioccolato Gourmet

The pink - or “ruby” - chocolate is a surprising and enchanting gift from nature. Obtained from Ruby cocoa beans, without the addition of colouring agents or aromas, it comes in a completely new red-pinkish colour and offers a truly novel taste experience. Unique in appearance and intensely fruity with fresh and tangy notes, ruby [...]

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Chocolate! – famous quotes

Ironic, amusing, shrewd and pungent but, above all, real; there are many famous quotes relating to chocolate. We’ve set some out below, to read with a smile - and obviously a box of chocolates to hand! Nowhere else has Nature compressed such a store of the most valuable nutrients into such a small space as [...]

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A few curiosities about the history of chocolate

What’s the scientific name of chocolate? It’s ‘teobroma cacao’ which literally translates as ‘food of the gods’. How many of us think the same while savouring chocolate? Where does chocolate come from? Chocolate is of plant origin; it comes from the beans of the cocoa plant. Does chocolate have recent origins? Absolutely no. Chocolate has [...]

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